Lotus Scented Body Scrub




Looking for the perfect gift for yourself or… anyone else

This exclusive LOTUS Scented Body Scrub is perfect!

Women’s Collaboration

Bringing you quality products at affordable prices while supporting the work of talented women.

Women’s Empowerment

Tonza D. Ruffin LLC is excited to add this exclusive body scrub to its women’s collaborative project.


Jose Faye Taylor

In 2014, Jose was diagnosed with Lupus. After coming to terms with her diagnosis she knew she had to more conscious about the products she used on her body. As a result, she started experimenting with DIY natural skin care products. After gifting her items to a few family members and friends who kept coming back for more, Jose realized she had a gift. Eventually she decided to share that gift and make her products available to all women interested in natural skin care.

Jose earned a Bachelors of Science Degree in Accounting from Elizabeth City State University and a MBA from Grand Canyon University.

She is also the founder of StrongShels and Candid Women, Inc.

Check her out at http://www.candidwomeninc.com

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