January is coming- Birthday Shenanigans

Hi all! It is almost time to celebrate year 48 for me. I am so excited about my upcoming birthday travels.

Last year my then boyfriend recommended we celebrate our birthdays in Cabo San Lucas. This was my first trip to Mexico and I had a blast (when my boyfriend and I were not bickering). It might have been the bickering that made me decide to do more mecations :-). Anywhooo, we pushed through and managed to experience everything from massages overlooking the ocean to deep sea fishing to having a dinner prepared using meat from the Marlin that my boyfriend caught on the fishing excursion (I will be honest, I struggled to even bring myself to taste the meat after seeing the poor Marlin get clubbed by the man in charge of our fishing expedition).

The beautiful Casa Dorada was our home away from home, and, despite our bickering we were able to relax and enjoy our breathtaking views overlooking the ocean. With that said, I would totally recommend a trip to Cabo San Lucas for anyone that wants to experience Mexico at least once.

Here are a few pics from my birthday 2018 travels to sunny Cabo San Lucas. Hope you enjoy!

I will be sharing my birthday 2019 adventures with you soon. In the meantime, tell me about some of your greatest birthday adventures!

Much love,


P.S. I would totally recommend dramamine before going out on a deep sea fishing trip. While our excursion began with me happily driving the boat and assisting with the catch of the day, toward the end I spent most of my time with my head hanging over the boat, or below deck, hoping this adventure would end soon!

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3 thoughts on “January is coming- Birthday Shenanigans

  1. I traveled to So. Africa last May. I can’t claim it was a birthday trip since my birthday is in January. But visiting Cape Town and going on safari are must-do events.

    1. My daughter had the opportunity to study abroad in Cape Town and couldn’t agree with you more! I was so sad that I did not get to visit but definitely have South Africa on my places to go list. Thanks for sharing!

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