This is my second year being away from home on Thanksgiving. Last year we celebrated in Cape May, New Jersey.  This year I decided to roll out with my mom and cousin and head to beautiful Charleston, South Carolina. As a natural wanderer, I  am enjoying this non-traditional way of celebrating the holiday. Since I do not have to worry about preparing for a house full of guest I try to use this time to relax and reflect. While I have so much to be thankful for I wanted to share my top three:

  1. My health. If I am not healthy I absolutely cannot accomplish the things I have set out to accomplish.
  2. My mind. I am so thankful that I am the ambitious over-achiever that I am. This makes my journey on this earth so exciting.
  3. My transparency. Life is so much sweeter and more enjoyable since I have embraced my perfectly imperfect life without the need to hide it from the world.

What are you thankful for? Share in the comments below and enjoy this beautiful day doing whatever brings you joy!

Much Love,


Published by Tonza D. Ruffin

Perfectly Imperfect but VERY PROUD WOMAN, MOM, LAWYER, and AUTHOR, but most importantly...LIFE LOVER! I laugh loud, I work hard, I play hard, I am adventurous, I am curious, I am driven, I have moments of deep insecurity, I am loving, I am vulnerable, I am explosive (not one of my finer qualities), I dance around my house alone, I am an awful perfectionist which makes my insecurity worse, I sing out loud in my car without any concern for whose watching, I have trust issues, I do not live through my children, I no longer try to force my children into the mold that I created so that I could feel validated as a mother, I am a risk-taker, I am guarded in my personal life, I am kind, I am grateful. I am so excited about the rest of my life!


  1. First thing I’d like to wish you and your family Happy Thanksgiving. The two biggest things I’m thankful for is my family and our health…

  2. My wife had a stroke in April. Thank God she is not paralyzed and is recovering nicely. Since this happened , I am even more conscious about sharing my feelings and hugging her a whole lot more. I am thankful that God showed us favor!

    1. Wow! Thanks for sharing this. I think it is extremely important that we share our loving feelings with the ones that we love the most. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Thankful to have survived my latest psyche crisis last summer, which I guess is synonymous with thankful for being a Vet, because the VA took care of me.

    Mental health has traditionally been ignored or written off by our culture as something “you just need Jesus” for. I’m also grateful to be free of that, as well.

    Happy Holiday.

    1. Thankful that you are taking care of your mental health. It is so important. Without our mental health we cannot reach our full potential.

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