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Hi! Here are two quick reads that I thought you would enjoy. Be sure to take the personality profile quiz so that you can tell me what your tendency is! 🙂

what's your tendency


Sometimes I spend a lot of time in my car. When I am not putting on a concert from my seat, I am tuned in to my favorite podcasts. Jay Shetty’s On Purpose, by far, is my favorite. Last week I tuned in to hear his conversation with Gretchen Rubin about her book “The Four Tendencies”. I became intrigued with Gretchen Rubin years ago when I read her book The Happiness Project. Looking back, I now realize that it was around the time that I was beginning to do some soul searching about life fulfillment.

“The Four Tendencies” is a personality profile created by Gretchen Rubin to explain how a person responds to expectations. According to Gretchen, people face two kinds of expectations:

Did I grab your attention? Good! 🙂 Click here to keep reading and take the quiz.

negativity bias


How many times have you accused someone of being so negative? Or has anyone ever called you a “negative Nancy”? It seems that human nature causes us to focus on the negative more than the positive. According to a whole lot of research out there, these negative tendencies occur because our brain is wired to scan for threats. Did you know that? I did not! This phenomenon is known as negativity bias.

Want to know more about negativity bias? Click here to keep reading.

Hope you enjoy!

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5 thoughts on “PSSST…Did You Miss These Great Reads?

  1. Tonza, it does not surprise me that I am an OBLIGER. However, I an now at a point in my life where I feel I have owned the right to focus more on meeting my personal needs and desires.

    1. Of course I am a OBLIGER! I have made New Years Resolutions “not to be a people pleaser!”. ☺️

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