Escape From The Election Madness: 5 Television Shows You Should See

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Hi all! If you are anything like me, you have to force yourself to turn off the non-stop updates about the Presidential election. On Tuesday, despite the fact that my advice to others was to get plenty of rest and turn the tv off, I found myself turning the television on throughout the night, trying to see if we were any closer to knowing who the leader of the free world was going to be for the next four years. Needless to say, I was walking around in a fog the following day. Oftentimes when I need a break, I like to curl up with a good book. The pandemic has afforded me some time to binge-watch television, and I have come across some good stuff. And, of course, I feel compelled to share my findings 🙂 So, here are 5 shows that I really want you to check out so that we can have a conversation.

The Queen’s Gambit (Netflix)

Can you say Girl Power? I loved this series because it depicted an incredibly talented woman with imperfections. I also loved the effortless friendship forged between Beth and Jolene.

It is such a relief to be moving toward a culture that understands the damage done by depicting flawless superwomen. TOO MUCH PRESSURE AND UNREALISTIC!

Ordeal By Innocence (Amazon)

Can you say dysfunction times ten? You might need to see a therapist after watching this series. 🙂 Oh well, I hear there is going to be another season. I cannot wait!

Blackbird (Amazon)

I am suspicious of people that try to portray a perfect family life. Either they are being dishonest, they have lived in a vacuum, or they are in denial. 🙂 For many years I was one of those people, and let me tell you, that was exhausting! Here is what I now know. The wonderful thing about life is that beauty exists within imperfection as well.

So, I guess by now you have figured out this is another one of my imperfect family movie picks. This movie goes a step further and makes you think about assisted dying. Could you respect the wishes of a loved one who desires to die with dignity? Do you consider assisted dying as dying with dignity?

The Undoing (HBO)

My only complaint, you cannot binge-watch this show. If you are fascinated with wealth, drama, and suspense, this one is for you. It definitely makes you think of the Big Little Lies series.

Call My Agent (Netflix)

I just loved this high-intensity French series even though I do not speak a lick of French. Thank goodness for subtitles! Somebody, please tell me when the new season is being released!

Today is a great day to start binge watching. Let me know what you think.

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