Don’t Believe The Hype Part IV: Don’t Quit Your Job!

WARNING: If you read this series and suddenly realized your A$! IS BURNED THE F%!K OUT, unless you are Warren Buffet or Bill Gates rich DO NOT QUIT YOUR JOB! If you do, you will be STRESSED THE F%IK OUT!


Here is what some readers had to say when asked to share what they do when suffering from burnout:

Tomeka Speller, my right hand, said she prays and rests! Why in the world would she be burned out working with me? 🙂
Chandra Bond-Harley said she takes a hot bath, light candles and winds down to some relaxing music in the bed.
John Trent said he goes to the gym to work out and then indulges in conversation.
Steve Friedman said he spends time with family.
Sheila Eley said she drives and enjoys the landscape.
Montez Kenyon said he takes a short weekend getaway where he can disconnect from EVERYTHING.
Bonnie Brantley Powell is a mecation lover like me! She said she plans a mini getaway, “me, myself, and I”.
Jameese Williams Watson said she relaxes and watches Lifetime.
Jay Are reminds herself that multitasking is not productive and takes one thing at a time.
Tammy Lee said she takes a cruise.
Orlando Dobbin Sr. said he steps back and connects with God’s purpose for him and that gives him a new perspective.
Nicole Heckstall Bennett said she took a big leap of faith and took a 7-month sabbatical in 2019 and it was the best thing she ever did!

I am sure I don’t have to tell you this, but just in case…If you feel utterly and completely overwhelmed and can’t seem to dig yourself out of a rut, you should seek the help of a medical professional.

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