I’m Back! Thank you so much for being patient with me while I took a little time off! I needed to regroup, reset, and reprioritize.

I have so much to catch you up on, but I will try to pace myself :-). Since I talked about my self-love anniversary so much before I took a break, how can I not share my trip to Asheville with you?

Although it was a rainy weekend and I did not get to do everything I planned, I had a wonderful self-love anniversary celebration. I decided that I did not want to spend it alone, so some of my family tagged along. I am so glad that they did. We had a BALL!!!! In fact, we had so much fun, my cousin and I decided that we would make it our business to connect and spend more quality time together.

Here is a video of us heading to Lake Lure for our zip lining experience! As you can see, my mother is not too thrilled with my driving on this narrow, windy road :-).

Ziplining was a blast! This was on my cousin’s 50 by 50 list, so I was super excited to experience this with her. I am confident that she could be heard throughout the town, screaming as she flew through the trees holding on for dear life! 🙂

Tonza and family ziplining

I was also super excited to experience zip lining with my youngest daughter Gabby. She was too small when I did it with Alyssa and Caleb many years ago. Gabby is a daredevil like her mother used to be! Unfortunately, I was too afraid that I would lose my phone, so I left it behind, but if I had it, you would have gotten to see her flying through the forest upside down. What a sight to see. Maybe next time!

We were planning to tour the Biltmore house, but the tickets were sold out by the time we arrived. With admission starting at $84.00 per person, we probably would have passed on that excursion even if tickets were available. Nevertheless, Gabby and AJ were quite relieved when we told them the tickets were sold out because they were a little less than thrilled to be going in the first place. When I told Gabby how much the tickets were to go in the Biltmore, she said, “They want us to pay that much money to go and look at somebody else’s house? That’s ridiculous!” I sometimes wonder where I got my kids from. LOL!

I highly recommend everyone celebrate their self-love anniversary! And, if you don’t want to be alone, include your family! I cannot wait until next year!

Much Love,


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