This is America

So now it appears that peaceful protests are a thing of the past. At least, if you are in the NFL. In response to NFL players stance on police brutality and racial profiling, the NFL “powers that be” have come up with a rule that says if the players are on the field during theContinue reading “This is America”

How Many More Massacres Must Occur Before We Get Gun Control

On February 14, 2018, when most of us were focused on LOVE, a 19-year-old, armed with an assault rifle, went into a school and murdered 17 people. In the year prior to this horrific act, the 19-year-old purchased at least nine other guns for his “gun collection”. In the days and weeks following this devastatingContinue reading “How Many More Massacres Must Occur Before We Get Gun Control”

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Anderson Cooper Should be the “Poster Boy” for Affirmative Action

I love Anderson Cooper. I really do. I feel I need to get that out first. Okay, now that I got it out…the other day I was looking at the news feed on my phone and came across an article similar to this one: Why Anderson Cooper Won’t Receive an Inheritance from Mom Gloria VanderbiltContinue reading “Anderson Cooper Should be the “Poster Boy” for Affirmative Action”

What are your thoughts on Capital Punishment?

Hi everyone! I know I haven’t posted in a while. My apologies. I really have missed blogging. Lately, it seems that all of my energy has been consumed between mommy duties and practicing law. I will share some of my mommy duty stories with you later. I promise! But today, I woke up wanting toContinue reading “What are your thoughts on Capital Punishment?”

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Save the Confederate Statutes

Keep your “ass” home is the text I received from my mother when I told her I was headed to a save the confederate statute “rally” in Beaufort, North Carolina. My boyfriend, knowing I was determined to go, simply said “be safe” as I headed out the door. All of the confederate statute media coverage Continue reading “Save the Confederate Statutes”

Too Quick to Pull the Trigger

I woke up this morning and was glancing at the news headlines. As I was reading, I came across an article about David Bonderman, Uber Technologies Inc. director, resigning from the company’s board of directors.  According to the reports, during a staff meeting, Arianna Huffington, who also sits on the Uber board of directors, commented,Continue reading “Too Quick to Pull the Trigger”

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He Is My President

Donald Trump will become the President of the United States of America today.  While I accept that he is soon to be my President, I am deeply saddened by this fact.   How did we get here?  The crux of my disappointment lies in the fact that I have serious reservations about Donald Trump’s ability, orContinue reading “He Is My President”

My Nephews Are Not Safe

Today, I am so thankful that I am not raising sons. My heart goes out to all of those mothers that are raising Black boys. It has become all too common for us to hear about another senseless murder of a Black man at the hand of those given the responsibility of PROTECTING and SERVING.Continue reading “My Nephews Are Not Safe”

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