Why We Settle

I am at the halfway point of being eligible to file for my divorce.  In North Carolina, one must be separated for one year before seeking a divorce. During the first few months of my separation, I was determined to focus solely on myself and my children and deal with all the pain and disappointmentContinue reading “Why We Settle”

My Love Language

I recently took the 5 LOVE LANGUAGES test.  Here are my results: 9 Acts of Service 7 Quality Time 7 Words of Affirmation 5 Receiving Gifts 2 Physical Touch The highest score indicates your primary love language – how you really understand the expressions of love from others. The lower scores in your profile indicateContinue reading “My Love Language”

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Forest For The Trees

I have had my share of heartbreak.  Most of my heartbreak came from one man.  Just one.  And when I say that he broke my heart, that’s what I mean.  He is the only man that I can say that I have ever really loved.  The end of that relationship almost felt like a deathContinue reading “Forest For The Trees”

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For Your Consideration

I have been receiving a lot of feedback from individuals that have read my blog posts.  As a writer, it is always exciting when you get feedback because you know that your material is being read. Of course, as humans, we all share different beliefs, values, and standards. So, just like anything else, there areContinue reading “For Your Consideration”

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The Confrontation

He would never admit that he was wrong. If, by chance, he decided to admit that he was wrong, he would blame me for his behavior. That is how it had been throughout our relationship. I wouldn’t have done that if you hadn’t … Now, don’t get me wrong, I gave him some good materialContinue reading “The Confrontation”

Interesting Convo

I had an interesting conversation with someone I hadn’t spoken to in years the other day.   He is a black man.  Successful.  In a long-term relationship, with a black woman.  Now, when I say I hadn’t spoken to this person in years, I mean like, I’ve never had a meaningful conversation with him ever. Continue reading “Interesting Convo”