Strong As Glass By Goapele

I was driving down the road the other day and decided to pull up Goapele because I wanted to hear her song Cool Breeze. Being a Goapele fan, I thought I was entirely in the know about her music. And then Strong As Glass started playing. Anyone who loves music knows the feeling that comes over you whenContinue reading “Strong As Glass By Goapele”

Manifesting A Meaningful Relationship: Today I Am Unpacking

I was recently told that I am so good at being alone. I paused for a moment when I heard this because I know the messenger meant it as a compliment. Or at least that is what I choose to believe. Part of me simply wanted to be the nice, agreeable woman that he neededContinue reading “Manifesting A Meaningful Relationship: Today I Am Unpacking”

Dear Moms, Stay In Your Lane

Having the ability to nurture and carry another human being around with you for nine months is, in a nutshell, AMAZING! The process of bringing that human being into the world, NOT SO AMAZING! I’ve digressed already. 🙂 For many of us who have shared the pregnancy and childbirth experience, we tend to feel aContinue reading “Dear Moms, Stay In Your Lane”

Food For Thought: Destiny Fulfilled

I often come across conversations that make me dig deep. In the interview below, Oprah asked, “What is the most difficult decision you have had to make to fulfill your destiny?” After giving it much thought, I realize that I have had to make a number of difficult decisions simply to get on the pathContinue reading “Food For Thought: Destiny Fulfilled”

I’m Living My Best Life: Insecure and All

INSECURITY Lack of self-confidence or assurance; self doubt. Why is the word INSECURITY such a bad word in our world today? I do not like how the world forces us to internalize so much garbage by labeling us as weak or damaged when we dare to show a side other than the emotionally well, wonderfulContinue reading “I’m Living My Best Life: Insecure and All”

Don’t Want To Listen To That Inner Voice? Stephan Speaks And Derrick Jaxn Are Here For You!

Okay. I could not resist. I feel like I am in that TikTok video… I am not going to do it. I am not going to do it. I DID IT! 🙂 Yes, I still wholeheartedly believe all you have to do is ask yourself, “AM I THE BEST VERSION OF MYSELF WHEN I AMContinue reading “Don’t Want To Listen To That Inner Voice? Stephan Speaks And Derrick Jaxn Are Here For You!”

Always And Forever My Love Is Now Available

It had been eighteen years since she had seen him. Eighteen years. She could feel her heart begin to roar in her ears when he walked into the courtroom. As she tried to control her breathing, Ariana was certain that everyone around her could see her chest trying its level best to contain her racingContinue reading “Always And Forever My Love Is Now Available”


I could not let this day go by without saying a huge THANK YOU! Your consistent and continued support means the world to me! I love taking time to reflect and think about all of the things I am thankful for. Today I want to encourage you all to take a moment to think of,Continue reading “HAPPY THANKSGIVING”

Take Time To Recenter Yourself

I have been intentional about recentering lately! When you are willing to listen, your spirit truly tells you what you need. Recentering helps me to navigate and remain open to the natural guidance being offered. Recentering helps me by: Giving me the strength to plant my roots and live in my purpose despite the worldContinue reading “Take Time To Recenter Yourself”