I am excited to announce that my book, PIECES OF ME, is now available! PIECES OF ME is a compilation of raw and transparent pieces about my life as a southern woman, southern mom, and southern lawyer!  PIECES OF ME is a glimpse into the “perfectly imperfect” world that I have created through healing, evolution,Continue reading “PIECES OF ME”

My Children Are Dating Gurus

This morning as I was in the middle of my morning walk, I had an AHA moment! Single moms reentering the dating scene have an advantage over women without kids. Unfortunately it seems that many of us are overlooking our most valuable resource, our children. That’s right. Our children’s dating skills are being woefully underutilizedContinue reading “My Children Are Dating Gurus”

We ARE NOT Burning Any Nikes In Our House, We Support Nike!

Gabby asked me last night what the big deal was with Colin Kaepernick when she saw me reading an article about the recent Nike ad. Quickly I explained that he was a former football player that kneeled during the National Anthem as a way of protesting against social injustice. And, he basically lost his jobContinue reading “We ARE NOT Burning Any Nikes In Our House, We Support Nike!”

Mommy vs. Feminist/Activist

For those of you that did not get to read it, I decided to share my last column in the Bertie-Ledger. Let me know your thoughts! A couple of years ago, I selfishly refused to understand a mother’s view when she explained that she had little to no concern about her African-American son making aContinue reading “Mommy vs. Feminist/Activist”

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Celebrating My Teenager, Honoring Our Ancestors

Lately, me, and mine, have been in a celebratory mood as we watch the possibilities unfold for my teenager, Alyssa.  Alyssa, my middle child, has always been the academically focused one.  She has consistently, despite any challenges, kept her “eye on the prize” and excelled academically. In an effort to provide her with the bestContinue reading “Celebrating My Teenager, Honoring Our Ancestors”

Happy Belated Birthday To You

Our little one came home after a wonderful weekend with you, excited and overjoyed to see me. She played, we talked, and I fell asleep as she hung out with Mommy Del, Larry, and Sierra. Eventually, she got tired and came and climbed into the bed with me. And while lately, I have been workingContinue reading “Happy Belated Birthday To You”

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Slap Him Back

As I was riding home with my teenager yesterday, I began talking to her about relationships. I asked her, “What would you do if you had been dating someone for a year or more, and you were madly in love with him, and during an argument, he slapped you?” Her immediate response was, “I wouldContinue reading “Slap Him Back”

Love, Peace, and Happiness

My teenager will be graduating from high school in the Spring of 2017.  Of course, I am thrilled about her reaching this milestone.  But, along with that excitement, I carry a heavy heart. Looking back over the years, I am acutely aware of the fact that I didn’t live up to my end of theContinue reading “Love, Peace, and Happiness”


My teen has met a young fella that she really seems to like. She’s not the giggly type, but I see that smile that comes across her face whenever I ask about him. When I finally built up the nerve (I get accused of prying a lot) to ask if they were officially a couple,Continue reading “I SAW THAT SMILE ON YOUR FACE, AND IT’S OKAY -My Teenager is Dating!”


Recently, in my piece Because I Said So, I mentioned that my focus as a mommy has become raising happy children. Following that post, I began to think about what I was doing to make my children happy. I also wanted them to talk to me about what made them happy. So, as we wereContinue reading “OUR HAPPY LIST”

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