Vulnerability Has Value: I’m Still A Believer

Somehow this has turned into TED TALK Tuesday! This was not my intention, but every time I focus on writing for Tuesday’s, I think of a TED TALK that has resonated with me. Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage. Truth and courage aren’t always comfortable, but they’re never weakness. Brene’ brown If youContinue reading “Vulnerability Has Value: I’m Still A Believer”

Should We All Be Feminists?

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (Chim-muh-MAHN-duh en-GOH-zee ah-DEECH-ee-(ay) The “ay” is soft) is a boss. Several years ago, after hearing her Ted Talk entitled We Should All Be Feminists, I immediately ordered the book and read it at least three times before moving on to my next reading endeavor. We say to girls, ‘You can have ambition,Continue reading “Should We All Be Feminists?”

National Black Business Month: Black Business Data

It is National Black Business Month! Just like we use January as a time to think about things we would like to do differently in our lives, we should begin to use August to think about how much we support Black business. Until it becomes a common practice, we must be intentional about spending dollars withContinue reading “National Black Business Month: Black Business Data”

Black Business Owner: The Resistance

Real talk. For the longest time, I resisted being placed in a box by identifying as a “Black Business Owner”. As a lawyer, I feared it would limit my opportunity for growth by making non-black consumers shy away from supporting me. I also feared it would make people call into question the quality of theContinue reading “Black Business Owner: The Resistance”

Are You An Imposter?: Let’s Talk About Imposter Syndrome.

I always thought I was a perfectionist, but now I wonder. It is funny how one conversation can change the trajectory of your thought process. The other day I was Vibin’ with therapist Whitley Grant, and she began talking about imposter syndrome. The more she talked, the more I realized: I am going to findContinue reading “Are You An Imposter?: Let’s Talk About Imposter Syndrome.”

Aspen Ideas Festival

The 2020 Aspen Ideas Festival was amazing. Although it was my first time attending, it definitely will not be my last. The Festival is full of thought leaders and great conversation about a wide array of subjects. So you know I was in “hog heaven” as they say here in the south. Thanks to COVID-19, I didContinue reading “Aspen Ideas Festival”

Knowledge is Power: Terms We Are Hearing a Lot Lately

There is a myriad of conversations taking place in the wake of George Floyd’s murder about ways to change the landscape in our society so that we can move beyond our countries biggest sin, slavery. One of the things that everyone can agree on is we all must be take time to learn about andContinue reading “Knowledge is Power: Terms We Are Hearing a Lot Lately”

Healthy Meaningful Conversations

Good conversation is the key to developing any meaningful interaction with other human beings. Whether it be an interaction with a person that you are trying to persuade or merely an interaction with a person that you would like to get to know, the conversation is the key. Despite this basic fact, conversation seems toContinue reading “Healthy Meaningful Conversations”

Balance Your Boredom

I did not know you could literally be bored to death! That is a scary thought to me. In The Unengaged Mind, John Eastwood defines boredom as the inability to stay attentive in three ways: by failing to engage with internal and external stimuli, by becoming obsessed with the idea of being bored, and by blamingContinue reading “Balance Your Boredom”

Let’s Listen Together: Audiobooks To Check Out

I finally broke down and downloaded my first audiobook! For years I have been rebelling against the idea of an audiobook because it just doesn’t seem like reading to me. I decided to stop being so stubborn and give in because my list of must-reads is growing much faster than the time that I haveContinue reading “Let’s Listen Together: Audiobooks To Check Out”