It’s here! My published short story, BEHIND CLOSED DOORS, is now available for purchase through the Kindle Store and it only cost $1.99. I wrote this series of short stories because I wanted to do my part to continue the conversation about domestic violence. I must say my inspiration came from a woman that IContinue reading “BEHIND CLOSED DOORS”

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Breaking News! That’s Inappropriate!

I interrupt my regularly scheduled post to bring this breaking news! No worries, Man POWER Monday will return next week. As a criminal defense attorney it is my job to present my client in the best light possible to a jury and a Judge. If anyone has ever told you that what you look likeContinue reading “Breaking News! That’s Inappropriate!”

Have You “Paid Your Dues”?:On getting the stamp of approval from the “powers that be”

On my way home from a colleague/friend’s election night party, I got into a lively discussion about “paying your dues”. This discussion began as a result of another young man deciding to run for office despite the fact that the “powers that be” urged him not to. His decision to run cost the Democrats a valuable seat inContinue reading “Have You “Paid Your Dues”?:On getting the stamp of approval from the “powers that be””

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Defense Attorneys are not Void of Compassion

The small confines and layout of the courthouse made it impossible for me to avoid contact with the young man’s family during the trial. Pulling into the parking lot each morning I would see them gathered around waiting to enter the courtroom, seeking another day of “justice” for their loved one. During breaks we stoodContinue reading “Defense Attorneys are not Void of Compassion”


I am excited to announce that my book, PIECES OF ME, is now available! PIECES OF ME is a compilation of raw and transparent pieces about my life as a southern woman, southern mom, and southern lawyer!  PIECES OF ME is a glimpse into the “perfectly imperfect” world that I have created through healing, evolution,Continue reading “PIECES OF ME”

Beware of the “Rush to Judgment” Mindset

In 1984 Jennifer Thompson, a white woman, was brutally raped by a black man that forced his way into her apartment while she was asleep. The rapist did not conceal his identity and did not “rape and run”. In fact, Jennifer Thompson talked to, and clearly saw, her rapist during this night of terror. ThompsonContinue reading “Beware of the “Rush to Judgment” Mindset”

Kavanaugh Should Not Be Destroyed by an Allegation from his Teenage Years

I do not believe Brett Kavanaugh should be stripped of an opportunity to be a United States Supreme Court Justice because of an allegation of sexual assault that occurred when he was a teenager. I shudder as I think of the lives that have been destroyed because of false allegations. Thinking of these lives stopsContinue reading “Kavanaugh Should Not Be Destroyed by an Allegation from his Teenage Years”

I Represent Killer’s That The Village Has Failed

I represent people that kill people. Some of the killers that I represent have not even reached the age of twenty. They are children. People constantly ask me,  “how could you represent people like that?” My question is, “how could I not?” By the time a killer has been placed in my care, the factContinue reading “I Represent Killer’s That The Village Has Failed”

What are your thoughts on Capital Punishment?

Hi everyone! I know I haven’t posted in a while. My apologies. I really have missed blogging. Lately, it seems that all of my energy has been consumed between mommy duties and practicing law. I will share some of my mommy duty stories with you later. I promise! But today, I woke up wanting toContinue reading “What are your thoughts on Capital Punishment?”

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Presumption of Ignorance

Stunned at the depth of unprofessionalism, I sat there and listened as questions about my personal life were raised in the name of addressing any potential conflicts that I had with existing clients.  Looking at the court reporter summoned to this meeting, I felt my emotion leave my body as I geared up to playContinue reading “Presumption of Ignorance”