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Stephanie Mills dancing and singing as Dorothy in The Wiz is my most vivid memory of Broadway as a child. Up to that point, I like every other girl that watched the Wizard of Oz on television, only knew Dorothy to be a cute, dark-haired innocent-looking white girl. So, when I saw Stephanie Mills easing down the road on Broadway, I was entranced.

I did not come to fully appreciate these experiences until I was a woman responsible for ensuring that my girl children were given opportunities to broaden their horizons. I also did not realize until I was an adult, the love for Broadway that my mother and grandmother had instilled in me. Once I entered into the motherhood club, I took every opportunity to share this love with my daughters. 

Societal advancements have created opportunities for people everywhere to experience Broadway. And social distancing has made people rethink ways to bring even more experiences to more people. With that in mind, if you love Broadway as I do, here are two options you can enjoy while curled up in your bed.

Mom and daughter


Gabby and I saw this during our last weekend trip to New York! Being the extreme planner that I am, I almost purchased tickets for the Lion King. Thank goodness I didn’t (no disrespect to Mufasa).

American Son explores the issue of race, identity, and police relations. Without giving away too much, Kerry Washington plays a black woman seeking help from law enforcement when her son, Jamal, goes missing.


Even I, who often feels like I am living under a rock knows about the hit Broadway musical Hamilton. I somehow missed the fact that the cast was black (a back under the rock moment for me). Unfortunately, the tickets cost a small fortune. By the time I was ready to empty my pockets, I couldn’t find time to get to New York. I am incredibly thankful to Disney Plus for making it FREE!! I am now trying to find that perfect time to curl up in my bed to watch. Maybe tonight is the night!

Hamilton was created by Lin-Manuel Miranda and is about American Founding Father Alexander Hamilton. 



I was so excited to see Denzel and Viola on Broadway together in August Wilson’s Fences. I hope that it will be streamable in the near future.


Cicely Tyson is an icon. When I think about strong black women, Ms. Tyson’s image consistently comes to me. To have the opportunity to see her on Broadway in Trip to Bountiful, I have to say, is one of the most exceptional experiences I have had.

If they ever stream Trip to Bountiful with Cicely Tyson I highlight recommend you tune in.

If you ever watch American Son or Hamilton be sure to let me know what you think.

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