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In Social Distancing with an 11-year-old I told you that Gabby loves board games! The thing that is so fascinating to me is that many of the board games that we play were games that I remember playing as a child. The fact that they are still so wildly popular (okay, well maybe that is an overstatement) is amazing to me.

Here are a few of the old school meets new school games that we had in our collection that we have been enjoying during this much needed family time:

UNO is by far Gabby’s favorite. Well, that and Monopoly. What I have learned over this past couple of weeks playing UNO with her – Gabby is a $h!t talker! As we prepare to play each game she consistently tells me she is going to “beat me down” despite the fact that statistically I have proven I am the better player :-).

CONNECT FOUR is another simple, fun game that Gabby and I have been enjoying! Again, despite the statistics, she taunts me consistently while we are playing this game. I haven’t told her the reason she is losing so much. While she is busy taunting me, I am watching and planning, waiting for her to make the wrong move.

OPERATION is a true test of one’s patience, something Gabby and I both lack. For those of you that don’t remember OPERATION. This is the game where you try to remove body parts from a patient using a tweezer. If you touch the edges as you are removing the body part, a loud buzzer goes off to let you know that you have failed miserably and killed your patient (okay, maybe again I am being a little extreme).

CHECKERS will be around forever! When was this game founded? I feel like it began in the 1800s but still never a dull moment with checkers.

She doesn’t know it but she is about to get the “beat down”. I’m the silent assassin! 🙂

SCATTEGORIES is one that I began playing when my older kids were younger. My oldest daughter is super competitive when we sit around and play this game. Instead of taunting like Gabby, Sierra just smiles at the end when everyone adds their points up and realizes she has won once again.

BOGGLE is my effort at trying to throw in a little brain exercise while gaming! Although Gabby will indulge me a little, she definitely is not her rambunctious, ish talking self during BOGGLE.


I hope you all are staying safe by practicing social distancing!

Much Love,


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5 thoughts on “Break Out the Board Games

  1. The think to remember is down the road when hopefully things get back to normal, whatever that may be, she will look back as an adult and remember how you were right there for her during these different times. You are obviously a great parent. You should be very proud of yourself…

  2. I remember most of those games with my son. My favorite game and still is – Scrabble! Nobody (my son and friends) wanted to play because I always won. I’m home alone now so I play on my phone against the computer. I’ve played over 70 times and only lost 3 games.

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