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Not only is it Black History Month, but it is also the week before Valentine’s Day. What better way to celebrate the two than checking out films depicting relationships between Black couples. Here are two that I think are worth seeing.


Malcolm and Marie is not for the faint of heart. And I am not sure that it comfortably fits into the genre of “Black Love.” However, it will definitely spark conversations about healthy intimate relationships, or a lack thereof.

My favorite lines:

Marie: The reason why you never wonder if you are the best fuck I ever had, or the most talented person I’ve ever been with, or the kindest, or the smartest is because it is inconceivable to you that there is anybody on this planet that is more interesting than you are. Your lack of curiosity is merely an extension of your narcissism, your megalomania, your egotistical view of the world. And as a result of never doubting yourself you never stopped to ask yourself, “how can I be a better partner?”


After watching Malcolm and Marie, I needed a pick me up, so I went back and watched The Photograph. Within minutes, all of the tension I felt watching Malcolm and Marie had diminished.

My favorite lines

Mae: You ever wonder if we are just who we’re around in the moment?

Michael: I would think it is important that we pay attention to who we surround ourselves with then.

Which films do you think would spark great conversation about Black Love?

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2 thoughts on “Black Love Films That Spark Conversation

  1. Last night, I had just press play to watch Malcolm & Marie and was too tired to really focus so I will today. However, immediately in the first 5 to 10minutes, I was already feeling so much had taken place that didn’t or wasn’t taking place. I’ve been wanting to have a live meeting with mature adults about the lack of intimacy (intimacy minus sex and intimacy that warms the spirit of play that may or may not lead to sex) and how it can and often does ruin good/great. You take was morethsn enough to have individuals consider watching the film. I’ll report back after watching in its entirety.

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