Because I Said So: Event Etiquette

In the event industry I encounter a lot of people with differing ideas on how to run events. This ranges from organization, invitations, decor, you name it, I have heard it or seen it. 

One element of event planning and execution that is consistently brought up, whether it’s a wedding or baby shower is invitation and registry etiquette. Here are a few tips to help you navigate the ever changing world of RSVPs and gifting; check it out: 

  1. Electronic wedding invitations: Now I know paper products for weddings can be expensive, I get it. I understand that Evites and Paperless Post have some amazing designs. However, nothing shows your guests you care more than an invitation sent in the mail. Invites set the tone of your wedding and I think that’s hard to fully convey over email. 
  2. Listing your registry on your wedding invitation: You should never put a request for gifts on a wedding invitation. It sends the wrong message to your guests and frankly it makes you look tacky. When is it acceptable to ask for wedding gifts? If a shower is being held in your honor and the host puts the information on the invite (at the bottom) that is perfectly okay.

Speaking of showers, that brings me to #3

3. Is it ever okay to throw your own baby shower or bridal shower? The answer: Absolutely Not! I have been to a baby shower that was thrown by the parents-to-be for themselves. It was a bit self serving. They had large families and a number of guests were asked to help with the day-of-duties (myself included) and I imagine someone would have thrown them a shower without mom and dad having to do it. I also found it took some of the magic out the shower because the whole event was about the couple, not necessarily about the baby. Trust me I understand the desire to be celebrated and loved, but your friends and family should WANT to celebrate you without your help and you should let them.

4. Is it okay to give people my registry information? This is only okay if they ask. You should never volunteer your wedding or baby registry information. Again it’s all about the message you want to send people.  

5. My last little etiquette tip for invites and gifting is for the guest. I think I speak for all brides,planners,and hosts when I say, PLEASE RSVP! I know as a guest sometimes you see that Save the Date or RSVP request and you think, “I’ll get to it” or “I don’t know if I’m going so I’ll just decide the week before”. Here is why it is so important to RSVP. It allows the host to make proper arrangements regarding, food, dishes and even decor. Your presence is tied to a dollar amount, especially when it comes to weddings. Be mindful that with every delay or non-response you are putting the host in the tough position of using resources for someone who may not show up or foregoing preparing a place for you, which could cause some serious problems if you attend the event unexpectedly. 

I hope these little tips help you as move forward with your events! 



Published by Monique Keyes

Monique is a Virginia native and graduate of Hampton University. She was inspired to form her event planning company after coordinating her wedding in 2015. Monique believes that small carefully curated events can leave a big impact and lasting memories.

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