Be Intentional: Morning Routines Matter

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It seems that everywhere I turn, people are having conversations about the importance of your morning routine. For years I have understood the value of a morning routine. When I do not follow my morning routine, my day is off, plain and simple. When I follow my morning routine, I am focused and more productive throughout the day.

Here are four things I do to ensure that I start my day in a positive space. As you read what I am sharing, understand that everyone’s morning routine is not identical. It is about consistently doing things that put you in a positive space.

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Wake up at 5am

I love the quiet that exists around me in the morning. Being the only one awake in my home gives me the opportunity to think through things. I often find that in the morning, I am able to come up with solutions to things that were causing me stress the night before.

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Have Coffee

I will be honest; most people suggest you stay away from your phone during this time of solace. I do not! My quirky habits include drinking coffee and checking my bank accounts, my stocks, watching TED talks, reading news articles, or writing if time permits.



Exercise boosts my mood and energy level. Lately, my exercise routine has included a combination of pure barreOrangetheory HIIT, and walking/jogging. Having an opportunity to focus solely on my health and well-being is something that I really appreciate after many years of ignoring my needs.

If you have a slight case of the blues or feel lethargic, try walking at a brisk pace for thirty minutes or more. I guarantee you will feel so much better. Not to mention all of the other benefits associated with exercise.

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Write a To Do List

I do not do this every morning. But, when I know I have a full day and need to accomplish a lot, I take some time to create a to-do list. If I don’t, I will oftentimes forget things because I get distracted by new challenges throughout the day. Lists keep me accountable, and marking items as complete brings me so much joy!

Now, tell me. What does your morning routine include?

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