Extinguishing Hazardous Flames…Enjoy Good Fireworks!

Thanks for this inspiring post Lisa B. I really needed to read these words this morning!

BECAUSE I SAID SO: Trying to Create Healthy and Happy Children

“Because I said so” doesn’t work in my house, and I am okay with that (sometimes anyway). There is also a 90% chance that I am going to get an unsolicited opinion from one of my brood every day. And, honestly, sometimes I daydream of parenting Cookie Lyons style, by telling them to “shut up” as IContinue reading “BECAUSE I SAID SO: Trying to Create Healthy and Happy Children”

My Garden

In November, I adopted a Plant-Based Eating Style (I hate the word diet). This was absolutely the best decision I have made in a while. Struggling with weight, blood pressure, heartburn, and general health concerns, I knew I needed to make a change. After watching numerous documentaries on Plant-Based Eating and reading Rich Roll’s story, I wasContinue reading “My Garden”

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