A Vocabulary Lesson for Our Moms

When I go home for breaks, I always catch up with my mom about what is going on in life and school. Often when talking to her, I see a flash of confusion come across her face because I have used some lingo that she does not understand. Then I have to sit down and teach her the spelling, meaning, and how to use it in a sentence. My mom figured that other moms struggled with the same “lingo barriers” that we struggle with, so she asked me to explain to you all some of the lingo of the younger generation. You know she is insane about cross-generational communication. LOL! So, here you go:


1) to simply say okay or yes to someone: Mom: Can you let me know when you get back to Chapel Hill please? Me: Bet 2) if someone doubts you and you are going to show them otherwise: Mom: I know you are not going to eat that whole pizza by yourself. Me: Betttttttt 3) to say whatever nonchalantly: Mom: Do not ask me for any more money until you get your attitude under control! Me: Bet


1) to say someone is lying about something: Mom: Gabby told me that you ate the rest of the ice cream. Me: CAP! We were both eating it when the container ran out. / Mom: Gabby told me that you watched a movie with her last night. Me: No cap


1) to say something is unfortunate: Mom: I cannot come to your game tonight because I have to work on a case. Me: That’s tuff. 2) to say something is cool/nice. Mom: Hey, look at this new shirt that I bought today. Me: Tuffffff


1) when someone’s make up is applied with precision making them look amazing: Tavia: Wow Qua, your face is beat sis. Everything is so smooth. Qua: Thanks sis, it took 3 hours for the makeup lady to do it.


1) usually used when people get their hair done and it looks SPECTACULAR: Me: OMG! Quaaa do you see her sew-in. Qua: Yes, her closure is laid to the God’s sis.

As I help to bridge the gap in communication amongst generations, do not be surprised if your younger friends or kids are startled as you start to use this “lingo”. Despite their shock, they will appreciate the fact that you took the time to learn a little about their communication style. Just don’t overdo it, okay? I promise, as time progresses and new lingo comes out, I’ll be sure to keep you all in the loop.



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Alyssa is a rising senior at The University of National Champions, also known as, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Double majoring in public policy and political science, she is not quite clear what career path she wants to go down in life, but whatever it is she wants it to make her happy. Alyssa enjoys shopping, traveling, and relaxing in her free time! :)

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  1. Great Job Ally! Thanks for expAnding my vocabulary. Granddoll loves you! ❤️❤️

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