Christmas Chaos Be Damned: 5 Unique Gift Ideas

christmas stockings

Thanks to my middle child, I now understand that it’s down to the wire for all of us online Christmas shoppers! Although I am the ultimate planner in certain areas, Christmas seems to throw me for a loop when it comes to gifting. There is something about the chaos around figuring out what to get people that paralyzes me. I am also never prepared when my kids ask me what I want. So, I took some time to think about some great gift ideas and wanted to share them with you just in case you need a little help as you scramble to finish your Christmas shopping.

EverlyWell at home lab test

EverlyWell Test Kit

The idea that I can do an at home test (there are 30+ tests available) to tell me what foods I should avoid, if my Vitamin B levels are off, if my thyroid is out of whack, or whether I can blame my menopausal hormone imbalance for my mood swings is simply amazing.

Doctors beware. EverlyWell, coupled with Google, means more patients will be coming in for you to confirm our self-diagnosis and sign off on our treatment plan! 🙂

cozy bed

Weighted Blanket

Anyone who has gotten emails at 4 am from me knows that I have “sleep issues”. Over the counter sleep aids leave me feeling groggy and fuzzy, so I am always looking for alternative ways to help me get a good nights rest.

It seems weighted blankets are getting rave reviews, so I added that to my wish list this year. Unfortunately, I do not think this will make the cut because my kids have already told me that I am too picky about which weighted blanket I want. I guess I will have to move this to my self-love gift list.

5 am club book

5am Club: Own Your Morning, Elevate Your Life

Since I am usually up by 5am, why not get some ideas from Robert Sharma about what I should be doing to “elevate” my life!

Back Scrubber

Back Scrubber

I suggested Gabby get me a back scrubber, and this chick gave me the side-eye and informed me that she could get me something a little more expensive than that! Gotta love my girls.

Plant Power Meal Planner

Plant Power Meal Planner

Rich Roll was my transition inspiration. After reading Finding Ultra, I thought for sure I was meant to be an ultra-endurance athlete. I quickly got over that notion when I remembered I do not have an athletic bone in my body. Once I settled down, I realized I was attracted to Rich Roll’s story because it was about an intentional transition from the inside out. He went from being an overweight alcoholic lawyer to a vegan ultra-endurance athlete.

I hope this meal planner will help me select healthy options and take the stress out of trying to create variety. Who knows, maybe I can get Gabby to try a plant-based meal or two.

Do you have any unique gift ideas that you think I would like? Share them!

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